Pipewalk is a puzzle game where the object is to rotate all of the pipes on the board until they are all connected to a central tile which is oozing green slime. There are three difficulty settings and a local high score list so you can try and beat your best times. It is built with HTML5 and Javascript and utilizes the ImpactJS game engine.

Play now: http://code.sevrd.com/pipewalk/


Spritesheet Indexer

I’ve written a tool which allows you to load a spritesheet image such as the kind used in games (where all contained sprites are laid out in a grid) and click on individual sprites to see a magnified version of them, including the coordinates, column, row and index of the selected sprite. I developed a need for this sort of utility while working with Phaser, where you reference specific sprites or frames within a spritesheet by index rather than by coordinate. Seeing as how this is a common mechanism when it comes to game development I figured there are a plethora of other languages & libraries where such a tool could be useful, so I’ve made it available on github.


Get started with the hosted version now at: http://nefd.github.io/spritesheet-indexer/

You can find the github repo here: http://github.com/nefD/spritesheet-indexer

EZGUI: The missing GUI library for Pixi and Phaser

When it comes to game development, producing an attractive and usable GUI is both really important and really a pain in the ass. Luckily you can typically find a UI package for your target language & platform, as evidenced by EZGUI which is billed as ‘The missing GUI library for Pixi and Phaser’. I haven’t devled into this one yet, but from the animated screenshots it looks promising.

Source: Phaser – News – EZGUI: The missing GUI Library for Pixi and Phaser

Shiny Gauntlet Early Access

Shiny Gauntlet, a roguelike action rpg game made with html5 technologies by the multi-talented Glen at Spritewrench, has now entered early access! I gave it a go and thoroughly enjoyed my time. If you’re even the least bit interested I highly reccomend checking it out, you’ve nothing to lose because it’s free! Currently there are both Windows and OSX versions available for download, though I’ve done my part and whined for a Linux version which may be out at some point in the future. Some current feature highlights include:

  • Randomly generated, ever expanding dungeon
  • 21 playable classes, each with their own abillities and passives
  • 23 enchanted rings to collect
  • Leader boards
  • Gamepad support (sorta)

More info, screenshots, download links and more at: Shiny Gauntlet by spritewrench.

Brain Bleeding Javascript Obfuscation

Perhaps due to its very nature, there are a plethora of interesting maddening obfuscation techniques for JavaScript. Here’s a really interesting article which breaks down the deobfuscation of some malicious code which consists entirely of dollar signs, plus signs, underscores, square brackets and semicolons.

url: KoreBlog

WebSyn.ca open source cloud document suite

I’m a big fan of self hostable web applications and services so naturally I had a favorable bias when I came across WebSync, an open source cloud document editing suite. It offers tools for creating OneNote style notebooks, presentations, documents and spreadsheets. As if that weren’t enough, it also sports features such collaborative editing, incremental backups and end to end encryption; not too shabby!

Linkage: WebSyn.ca.